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Her Majesty The Queen has a meticulously ordered closet. Every item she has worn is carefully curated, with notations on the location and event of each wear, the number of times the item has been used, and much more. The system allows the monarch to diplomatically map out every outfit with mathematical precision. This website is Kate’s virtual closet, and all has been as carefully labeled and organized as it is in the impeccable wardrobes of Kensington Palace.

Under “Browse”, you can sort through complete ensembles by date, season, location, hairstyle, and more. Each outfit features links to take you directly to the piece you want to know more about, in addition to allowing you to collect all events that share a common venue, charity, and more. Hats and jewelry have been broken into their own sections for faster access to these popular accessories. “The Closet” features each piece individually, allowing you to search for a single item by style, color, designer, etc. The “More” button is for the very precise who are looking for all skirts of a certain length, silhouette styles, or color, among many options.

Keep on eye on the blog for news about Kate’s upcoming engagements, as well as future developments here at Kate’s Clothes, and don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter, which will be launching in July!

Lastly, don’t miss checking out the pieces in Kate’s Closet that remain UFOs (Unidentified Fashion Objects). If you have information on these rogue items, we would all love to get them properly organized.

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