Recap: Kate's October

Recap: Kate’s October

Hello again! It was quite a whirlwind there for Kate as she gave us a preview of what life would be like when she, William, and Harry assume a larger share of their royal duties. Since it flew by so quickly, let’s take another look again at the handful of engagements Kate undertook in the last two weeks of October.

Starting at the State Banquet – this was the hotly anticipated event of the year for Kate since it marked only the third time we’ve ever seen Kate pictured in a tiara. The fact that we got a better few of her in the papyrus tiara, a view we were teased for the White Tie Diplomat’s Reception in 2013, made the evening all the more special.

The State Banquet for the President of China

As expected, she knocked it out of the park in a bespoke Jenny Packham that was absolutely tailored to perfection. I have a deep love for a well-constructed bodice with a billowing skirt. I thought her look was absolute perfection (literally not a hair out of place), and I love that her accessories carry appropriate wattage, it still feels reserved in a good way. As if her personality, and amazing Jenny Packham designs, are the focal point of her outfit. 


The very next day she joined the Chinese president and his wife for a visit to Lancaster House. She stunned us all with a debut of a new designer: Dolce & Gabbana.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Host Creative Collaborations: UK & China in London

The beautiful aubergine hue of her lace shift dress set off a huge chain of repli-Kates. This event completely encapsulates Kate’s style. She effortlessly mixed a professional silhouette and cut, with her personal preference of lace, and mixed in an unexpected shade. It’s that mix that shows her entire approach to her royal life.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Host Creative Collaborations: UK & China in London

Later that same week, William and Kate undertook multiple engagements in Dundee, Scotland near St. Andrews. She donned Christopher Kane again, pairing a turtleneck with a miniskirt as she frequently did in her pre-Duchess days.

Royal visit to Dundee

She paired blue and black again to debut a new Tabitha Webb dress for a “Shaun of the Sheep” Charities Forum meeting. Very par for the course as we’ve seen the Duchess sport blue and black in various combinations over the years. The cut and fit of her dress is right where you’d think it to be: ¾ length sleeves, fit and flare, below the knee. The pattern is fresh and exciting (though I image polarizing as well). What I love most is the nod to Pippa’s collaboration with Tabitha Webb. I would absolutely love for Kate to wear the dress Pippa helped design to support the British Heart Foundation. That would be lovely. 

Catherine Duchess Of Cambridge, Prince William And Prince Harry visit BAFTA in piccadilly,london


The same night the royal trio attended the premiere for Spectre, the latest Bond film. And, I can’t say I’m in love with this bespoke Jenny Packham. I wanted to love it so much, but everything was working against it for me. I’ll spare you the list of my nitpicking, but my chief complaint is how broad it makes her shoulders appear. I’m not sure if it’s the sheer, the spaghetti strap, or a combination of both, but it’s just a let down after the stellar China Banquet gown. 

Spectre Royal World Premiere - London


For an event hosted by Chance UK, Kate recycled a darling Orla Kiely dress from early 2012. It’s a beautiful dress and I love that it got a repeat. I’m sure Kate’s smiling extra wide since she looks just as good (if not better) than before having two children! Quick aside for those of you in the US: Orla Kiely has partnered with Target at least over the past year on a luggage line. I happen to own a foldable toiletries bag that I adore.

The Duchess of Cambridge attends a Chance UK event

To put a cap on October, Kate attended the 100 Women in Hedge Funds gala, benefiting The Art Room,  in a brand new Erdem “Alouette” dress. I loved the pattern and thought it was a beautiful combination of colors. The dress suffers from the ruffle, unfortunately, instead of being elevated by it. I will say that the dress itself has grown on me in the past week, so maybe I will come to love it eventually. For now, I firmly believe it would have been a home run without it. Can we take a moment to admire how beautiful Amanda Pullinger (left, CEO of 100 Women in Hedge Funds) and Mimi Drage (right, Chairwoman) are? They both just look so elegant which I’m sure is intimidating when your task is to be photographed next to Kate herself. 

Duchess of Cambridge Catherine had two official engagements today

Thanks for reading along! Anything that was your favorite? Also, I was holding out hope we’d spot a certain Prince Cheeks trick-or-treating, but I suppose I’ll need to cross fingers for next year.

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  1. Miol Mor

    Thank you so much for the lovely walk down (recent) memory lane. There were so many beautiful pictures and outfits to admire that I keep revisiting the respective pages for another look. It’s tough to select just one favorite as there were so many different categories and I’m not even going to try. The DoCam looked splendid and it’s been a pleasure following her via the blog.
    Fun fact: the ‘Alouette’ dress could qualify as a repli[k/c]ate of a dress worn by HM on a visit to Malta in 67 discussed over at the Jewel Vault blog ( In the comments Wendy 1 kindly provided a picture of HM wearing the dress. ;)

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