Final Day I: ZARA Separates

Final Day I: ZARA Separates

Final Day I: ZARA Separates
Final Day I: ZARA Separates

On their final day on tour in Canada in 2016, the Duke and Duchess spent the morning in Victoria. The couple visited the Cridge Centre for the Family that acts as a shelter and support outlet for women and families. The also visited the Kelly Mental Health Resource Centre, continuing their work on mental health. Finally, yeh couple changed for an event with Sail and Life Training Society (SALTS). That change is dealt with in a separate post.

Final Day I: ZARA Separates
header-text Worn On: October 1, 2016
Tour: Canada 2016
Location: British Columbia, Canada, North America, Victoria
Event: Daytime Event, Public
Venue: Cridge Centre for the Family, Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre

Jacket/Blazer: One-Button Ivory Blazer

Designer: Zara

Top: Off-the-Shoulder Top

Designer: H&M

Shoes: “Avery” Chunky Heels in Tweed

Designer: J. Crew

Necklace: Woodland Charm Necklace

Designer: Asprey

Earrings: Annoushka Pearl Drops

Designer: Annoushka, Kiki McDonough

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