Athleisure Like Kate

Athleisure Like Kate

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My name is Amanda and I’ve been a long-time fan of Kate’s fashion since she started dating William. My grandmother and I bond over our mutual admiration for the Duchess and Queen Letitizia. I am from Spain, but currently living in Los Angeles pursuing a career in the entertainment industry.

Athleisure Like Kate

Hello again everyone! I’m happy to be back today with a look back at my favorite “athleisure” looks that Kate has worn. Athleisure, as you may know,  is wearing exercise clothes outside of the gym. This is a trend that I, and the entire rest of Los Angeles, embrace whole-heartedly. It’s so comfortable to throw on yoga pants to go to brunch since they now look so chic and flattering.

Kate has worn a few athleisure outfits in the past, so here are a few of my favorites and after I’ll highlight a few Kate-inspired items that you might like!

kates clothes rippa rugby


Kate’s leisure looks can be broken down into two main categories: casual or sport engagements and off duty looks. One of my favorite looks on Kate is this casual outfit she wore to a rugby even while on tour in Australia in 2014. It’s such a comfortable, pulled together look that has inspired many a textured cream blouse in my own closet. This is nothing new for Kate, and she frequently dons skinny jeans and trainers while on duty.

What I love most about this is her shoe choice. A nice neutral shoe that is comfortable, flattering and stylish can elevate any outfit in a way that sneakers can’t. Kate always pairs her plimsolls with skinny jeans and comfortable sweaters to make her outfit more casual.

Side note: I have coveted Kate’s plimsolls literally for forever, and these converse included below are the closest I have ever seen to them! It’s the blue/gray shoelaces that sells it. Alternatively, you can find the Chambray Stripes here, and the darker grey Skechers here.

 plims repliaket kates clothes



Kate was recently spotted in yoga pants while shopping at Lululemon, but notice how she pairs a stylish long sleeve, cowl neck sweater underneath a black vest. This look with black ankle booties swapped for sneakers would look instantly improved. An easy rule of thumb is to mix 1 athletic component with 2 pieces from your regular wardrobe. A structured or slouchy vest, like the below options, can go a long way to pulling a look together.

kates clothes vestst

(Options left to right: far left, middle, right)

Royal visit to Edinburgh

When Kate arrived at a tennis workshop in Edinburgh last month, it gave us a great peek at her athletic wardrobe. While there’s of course no pressure to be totally styled when you are exercising, I find that it does help motivate me and takes away some embarrassment when I’m confident in what I’m wearing. I love that everything on Kate is black and white except for her trainers. Here are a few affordable options from H&M that you might like: (Left, middle, right)

kates clothes hoodie

kates clothes dalvay

I hope you’ve taken away a few things that might inspire you to mix more workout gear seamlessly into your normal wardrobe. Here are few other pics of shops that I like for athletic wear:

kates clothes leggings

The Chaturanga Collection pants and capris from Athleta are my absolute favorites. I was gifted a pair of the yoga pants in dark blue similar to the left above, and I really like them. They are thick material without being too constricting or hot, and it feels like moisture is wicked away from my body as I exercise. What’s really comforting is that they are not see through in any way. It doesn’t matter what underwear I have on, you will not see any colors or lines come through. They are very well constructed and I can’t rave about them enough. 


yoga pants kc


Athleta also makes a style called the Sonar with a zipper pocket in the lower back area. The perfect spot for securing a house key or other valuables for runners:

kates clothes relaxed

I just found and really like this brand in the UK called Pink Soda Sport. Their options come in such unique patterns and I’m really attracted to them. I’m eager to try and I might order a product soon, but it seems like unique work out gear at a decent price range!

I have been a long time fan of Under Armour, although their pieces do lean towards the expensive side. However, I have had a pair of their leggings and a thermal top for more than 10 years and it’s still good as new. I do feel like I’ve gotten a great bang for my buck, but to each their own. I also really like how many colors they offer. It’s a staggering difference compared to say an H&M for example. (Left, middle, right)

kates clothes althletic


I’d love to read what your favorite athletic or athleisure staples are! It’s been such a treat to come back and write this post so I hope you have enjoyed it!

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  1. Jane Barr

    I was so excited to see this post, because I did my best to repliKate Kate’s tennis look, AND I am in the market for good alternatives to her plimsolls. Thanks, Amanda. ;)
    xo, Jane

    1. Amanda

      Those converse are so cute, but it kills me that I can’t find them in my size! Never has there been so few options for a repli-kate!

  2. Melissa

    As a kiwi I’m going to be annoying and point out that the first outft was actually worn in New Zealand not Australia ☺

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