What Shoe Size Does Kate Wear?

What Shoe Size is Kate?

What shoe size is Kate Middleton? I know you are wondering. You feel like this shouldn’t be an important question, and yet, it niggles at your mind. How do your feet measure up to Kate the Great’s? It bothers us all and I am here to tell you that Kate Middleton, aka, The Duchess of Cambridge, wears European size 39 shoes, or in American terms, she is a size 8 1/2. Proof? Voila:


The ARK Gala Dinner


Most, although not all, women wear heels in a half and even up to a full size smaller. Heels are a little trickier to keep on, and no one, especially a princess, wants a shoe slipping off mid-walk down the red carpet. Kate’s flats, however, are likely the same size as these sandals. Whatever else might be bothering you, at least this burning question is settled.

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  1. I believe that Kate wears a size 38.5 in Jimmy Choo shoes! I am the same way … I’m a half size smaller in Jimmy Choo than I am in L.K. Bennett, but it also depends on the shoe! Every shoe is different, and my sizes range between a 36 to a 38!! It’s bizarre… Thanks for posting this!

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