Welcome to Kate's Sitting Room

Welcome to Kate’s Sitting Room

tess kate's clothes contributor small iconTess Mize is a freelance writer, Navy wife, and new mom. Aside from being an avid royal watcher and Anglophile, she loves literature, theatre, yoga, and a good glass of wine. She was raised in the Southeast but currently lives in California with her husband, daughter, and dog.

Welcome to Kate’s Sitting Room, a column devoted to discussing all of your burning royal-related questions. From ancient customs to modern etiquette (and everything in-between), all you have to do is ask!

I’ve chosen to call this space “Kate’s Sitting Room” because a sitting room is defined as being a place for “relaxing and socializing. In large formal homes, a sitting room is often a small private living area adjacent to a bedroom.” In other words, it’s a warm, personal space, not meant to be formal or stuffy in the slightest. A whole hosts of topics can be discussed in a sitting room, and I intend for that to be the case here as well.

Like many Kate fans, I was immediately intrigued by the “commoner” who stole Prince William’s heart. My fascination originally centered on her flawless image—I drooled over her wardrobe and swooned for her perfect mane of hair. But as time went on, and we got more glimpses into Kate’s personality, I found myself studying more than just her appearance. Don’t get me wrong, I still LOVE her clothes, but I’ve developed even more appreciation for her by delving slightly deeper when she ventures into the public eye. I had lots of questions at first about royal customs and history, the charities she’s adopted as patron, and the code of etiquette that seems to guide her. This curiosity is one of the many reasons From Berkshire to Buckingham has long been my favorite “Kate-watching spot,” because Jane has always done an excellent job of tying in the substance with the style. When readers wanted a deeper catalogue of Kate’s fabulous wardrobe, Kate’s Clothes was born. I think it’s only natural to also have a space for readers who are looking for an additional source of background information about Kate’s engagements, demeanor, and personality; and I couldn’t be happier Jane has brought me on board to provide that service to her readers.

So if you’re like me, and always find yourself seeking even more details, this is the place to find some of the answers. Send me your questions—whether you’re wondering about the history behind a royal event, or advice on how Kate might handle a dilemma of manners, or something else entirely—and I will do my very best to dig up the information or proper advice. For my part, I’ll try to present topics of interest when I’m not responding to your queries, and I hope together we can foster a rich and varied discussion about all of the aspects of royal life we admire.

You can tweet your inquiries @kates_clothes, or leave your question in the comments section!


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13 Responses

  1. Amanda

    This is a fantastic column, and I look forward to reading! I have always wondered about the royal policy on accepting gifts, maybe you can elaborate on that at some point?

  2. Julie

    This is great! I have always wondered this and never found any info on it. They always make such a big deal about the woman courtsying, and who curtsies to whom. What about the men? Do they have to bow, and who bows to whom? Thamks!

    1. Tess

      Ah, the royal order of precedence. What a fun tangle of protocol–can’t wait to dig into that topic in a future column! Thanks for asking!

  3. Robin

    Hi Tess! Great first post and I look forward to many more. I started following Diana when she was dating Prince Charles and spent loads of time trying to figure out the royal protocol stuff. The internet and blogs didn’t exist back then so library books and magazines like Royalty and Majesty (I think both of which have ceased publication) were the only go to places. This will be a great resource and Kate is so much more prepared for everything she does than Diana was in her role. William, Kate, and Harry are her greatest legacy!

    1. Jane Barr

      Hi Robin! I had to pop on and tell you that Majesty is absolutely still in business! I get the magazine and it is fantastic. Never stop reading the blogs, but if you are still into real paper and the like, you should consider a subscription. ;)

  4. Valerie Grace

    This is my favorite part of the royal family! I love knowing the rules they go by.. Like having to wear panty hose in front of the Queen. Or why things are done a certain way etc… Why does the Queen move around all the time.. On and on!

  5. ruthinthedesert

    As you research various topics, I am sure you will find fascinating tidbits about all kinds of royal stuff! I would love to see a Random Royal Tidbits column occasionally. For example, I recently read that Sandringham is decorated for Christmas until February 6. That was interesting!

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