Getting Started at Kate's Clothes

Getting Started at Kate’s Clothes

Hello! Welcome to the online encyclopedia of Kate’s clothes. I have been so excited to share this site, and it has been so long in the design process, that today we are launching the website, even though it isn’t entirely complete.  You may find that not every search brings up everything you wanted, and you will notice that there are some jewelry pieces whose photos are “not currently available”. Most of these will be updated very soon. As you browse the site, if you come across anything you think is missing or mislabeled, feel free to shoot an email to It may already be on the docket to be spruced up, or it may have been overlooked. Kate’s Clothes will be fully operational within the next week, but I hope you enjoy exploring and getting to know this space as we put on the finishing touches.


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    1. Miol Mor

      Hi Jane! Beautiful start to a fascinating page that’s lots of fun to discover. Big thanks for your work and all the very best your way :) P.S. I may not been commenting much but I so enjoy strolling through the posts, reading up on the background info, and all the little tidbits you provide in your blogs. Good luck!!!

      1. Jane Barr

        Oh, thank-you! I am always pleased to hear from a member of the vast, silent community of readers. :) Very sweet of you to take the time to comment not his launch! Warmly, Jane

  1. alice

    I always read with great interest your site ‘ from berkshire… ‘ and let you compliments for it and for this new one , I find it beautiful and inspiring . you do a great job ! I write from Italy and I ask apologize for my English but I want to make you all the best for this new adventure!
    Brava Jane!

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