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What Will Kate Wear on the Steps of the Lindo Wing?

The Royal Baby Wait

Royal Baby Watch, The Great Kate Wait, Royal Baby Wait, and more. There are a lot of different hashtags and monickers for these weeks of building anticipation and excited tension as we look forward to the arrival of Prince William and Kate’s second child. While there was a certain, special hubbub in the very first little prince’s birth, this second event has all number of highlights to set it apart. Not the least of which is the possibility of a family affair. Charles and Camilla are expected to visit, as well as Carole and Michael Middleton. But, will Prince William bring toddler George to the hospital, as he was brought 30 years ago to visit Diana when Harry was born? If he does, it will be the first official appearance that Prince George has made in the UK since he was presented on the very same steps as a newborn two years ago!

kates clothes lindo 2

The clothes conscious everywhere are wondering, what will Kate wear? The Lindo Wing pictures make front pages across the globe, and of course, take a certain pride of place in the history books. For her first, iconic moment in 2013, Kate debuted a bespoke Jenny Packham in a baby blue to celebrate her little boy. Kate has a penchant for polka dots, but the whimsical print was also widely considered a nod to her late mother-in-law, Diana, Princess of Wales, who wore a green polka dot piece to introduce baby William to the world in 1982. Asked if she had made the same dress in pink, to cover the possibility of a princess, Jenny Packham refused to spill the secret, saying, “I could not possibly comment.”

Just as with her appearance in 2013, Kate’s team will sweep into the Lindo to style her hair and have the glowing mother picture perfect for the presentation. We don’t have long to wait!

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  1. Hi Jane,

    This new website is fantastic. You are one hardworking person, and we are the lucky readers of all your research. Just wanted to let you know that you are very much appreciated and admired. Keep up the good work, but I hope you will mix in a lot of fun in your life also.

    Nancy in Alabama

    1. Jane Barr

      Hi Nancy!

      Your lovely comment made my Monday. Thanks for taking the moment to comment. I am very pleased you are enjoying this new site, and of course, FBTB. It has been a lot of effort, but rewarding to get the positive feedback.
      I am working on socializing more now the website is built. ;)


  2. Léane

    I hope the baby comes soon, and I hope to see Kate and William dressed in pink this time! ;-)
    Glad to hear you can socialize more now, Jane! :-)

  3. Sonja from Bavaria

    First, Congratulations again for your fantastic new website! It’s so useful and I love it!

    I’m also so excited about what Kate will wear! I only know that I will absolutely love her outfit ;)
    Hoping that hey bring George there so that we get another glimpse of him… what brings me to my question: will you also cover prince george’s clothes on this website? Just wondering.. :)

    Thanks for all your efforts!
    Sonja from Bavaria

    1. Jane Barr

      Hi Sonja!

      Thank you so much! :) I wonder if Kate will ditch the gender color theme this time and wear something like green, or white, or purple. That would be interesting. Maybe she will wear a Séraphine?

      About George, no I do not have any plans to cover his clothes extensively here. I think his labels would only be mentioned if I were generally discussing an appearance that Kate made with him, but in that instance I would link to another blogger or website. Prince George’s Pieces does a great job of incredible, almost instant IDs, and Susan of What Kate Wore also has a site dedicated to George,

      Hope that is ok with you! ;)


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