Royal Baby Blanket Giveaway

Royal Baby Blanket Give-Away

When Kate stepped out of the Lindo Wing in 2013, hundreds of camera lenses were trained on the little bundle she cradled proactively in her arms. Prince George had not yet been named, but the world was anxious for a peek at the new prince who will one day be king.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge present Baby Cambridge

George was an active newborn. He contorted his face into a number of grimaces while wiggling precociously, one small fist thrust from the blanket. While the images of the royal baby’s first wave spread like lightning around the globe, the talk also turned to his blanket.  Just as Kate’s clothes are carefully observed, discussed, and repliKated, so too are the choices she makes for her children.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their baby leave the Lindo Wing

It quickly emerged that the Duchess had picked a piece from G. H. Hurt & Son. The family-owned company does not hold an official Royal Warrant, but they certainly have the Windsor’s stamp of approval. Kate was not striking out on her own when she picked the hand-finished baby shawl. In 1948, her grandmother-in-law, then Princess Elizabeth, used a G. H. Hurt & Sons blanket to present Prince Charles, and Princess Diana also turned to the company when her time came to stand on the Lindo Wing steps holding Prince William. Kate followed in the footsteps of her royal predecessors by wrapping a third generation heir to the throne in his scalloped blanket.

kates clothes lindo 2

It probably shouldn’t have been  terrible surprise that Kate would again tap G. H. Hurt & Son for her second big reveal, when she presented the little Princess Charlotte just a week ago.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge leave the Lindo Wing with the Princess of Cambridge

Like every element of the Lindo Wing presentation, even the blanket conforms to the continuity of royal tradition and protocol, a rhythm to life that keeps the monarchy strong and sound, on a foundation that does not shift. “Knitted in an ivory white,” the beautiful blanket is hand-finished with the scalloped edges distinctive to the Cambridge baby presentations. I am excited to be giving away one of these beautiful blankets! Enter the give-away below by adding a comment, and increase your chances of winning by connecting with Kate’s Clothes on social media!

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 10.02.46 AM

G. H. Hurt & Son

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Good luck to you all!

117 Responses

  1. Dilys Fry

    Such a beautiful blanket and with three friends announcing they are all expecting during the last week I could see this coming in very handy!

    1. Lauren G

      I’m so excited that you’re doing this! I’ve been wanting this blanket for ages so my fingers are crossed! What a special family heirloom!

    2. Aurélie

      Such a beautiful blanket – and perfect to complement the stunning dress, too! That was a day I won’t forget. Many thanks for the giveaway!

  2. Elizabeth George

    What a beautiful gesture that Kate used a blanket from the same company that Prince Charles and Prince William were presented in. I had no idea!

  3. Kathleen

    Beautiful blankets and love the family connection behind them. The way Kate looks with pure love at each baby is my favorite moment.

  4. Karla Ortiz

    My sister is going to have my first niece!! soyto i’m really excited and i’ll love give this her, is so delicated and beautiful!

  5. My grandmother knitted a blanket similar to the one Princess Diana used for Prince William because she loved how delicate and lovely it was, and that handmade blanket had been used by my two cousins and me when were babies because my mother and my aunt thought it was like our grandmother was still with us since she passed in 1984. So I’m sure she would’ve loved the blanket Kate used for Prince George!

  6. Adrienn

    I would love to win! :) Favourite moment was when Prince George arrived at the Lindo Wing! He was totally adorable!

  7. Alice

    I was really touched when Kate and William stood on the steps first with George and now with Charlotte, and you could tell they were truly happy :) The four of them make a beautiful family :)

  8. Such a beautiful blanket!

    I loved when Kate looked down at Charlotte with so much love in her eyes and tenderly worried that she was getting cold. Such a sweet moment.

  9. Sara Marie

    I’ve always loved this blanket, but I know I could never afford it. My favorite part was seeing Kate in a new perspective! As a mother. One who would love her children fiercely, and teach them to be outstanding citizens and leaders. Thanks Jane! <3

  10. Oh this would be perfect!! Let my sister use it when she has her little girl, and then I can use it when I end up having a child! I’ve dreamed of having a baby blanket like Catherine had for her babies! Thank you for this awesome contest!!

  11. Marny

    Thank you so much Jane. I would love to win one of these lovely blankets for my own first grandchild, soon to be born. My favorite royal baby moment was the one with Princess Charlotte on the steps. Although George’s reveal was lovely, and their interaction with the press was a nice treat, Kate’s obvious concern for her daughter’s comfort (she thought she might be cold), was endearing. The way Kate and William gazed lovingly at their daughter was a beautiful thing to witness. It still warms my heart more than a week later.
    Thank you again Jane. I love your new website.

  12. Marisol

    I loved when William and Catherine admired their little girl! When they looked at each other and Charlotte with so much love. Such a beautiful moment!
    Thank you for the chance, Jane!

  13. Lois

    My favourite moment was seeing P. Charlotte in her hand-knit hat. I loved that there was something unique about her presentation. I too, am having my second baby in a month. My first is a boy, and now we’ll see about #2:) Would love to win this blanket!

  14. Stephanie N

    What a wonderful idea for a giveaway. My sister is 3 weeks away from the birth of her first baby. I’d so love to give her this beautiful blanket. My crochet skills have let me down in my attempts! Please help me beat Pippa to being best auntie!!!

  15. Tess

    I couldn’t choose a favorite moment about this if I tried…maybe just how adorable Charlotte was, fast asleep and completely unaware of all the chaos focused on her!

  16. Nan

    I have never seen a more serene newborn than Princess Charlotte. She looks snug as can be wrapped in her G. H. Hurt & Son blanket. This Give-Away is lovely offering and I wish everyone the best of luck! :)

  17. Samantha

    I loved the anticipation of waiting for those doors to open — to see what Kate was wearing and what her little ones looked like!

  18. Julie Olesen

    Seeing Kate gazing so lovingly at her newborn daughter brought tears to my eyes. The whole thing was so beautiful I spend the entire morning in tears watching the footage!

  19. Lisa B.

    My favorite moment was seeing the little Princess sleeping peacefully in her mother’s arms. All wrapped up in a beautiful cozy blanket and adorable knitted bonnet. I would love to win this blanket and have a beautiful heirloom to pass on to future generations.

  20. Maggie

    My favorite moment was seeing the family showing off their newest little daughter! I’d love to have a blanket just like Princess Charlotte’s for my newest daughter in June!

  21. Hannah

    I was given this blanket after the birth of my son in 2013 and I’d love to have an heirloom for my daughter to pass down as well!

  22. Hilary B

    The moments when the Duke and Duchess stepped out of the Lindo Wing to present their children have been my favorite Royal Baby moments. The joy of their faces is just so lovely to see. I plan on adding my own little baby soon and would love to bring him or her home is such a gorgeous blanket!

  23. Randishaff

    Of course, while seeing the brand new Prince and Princess have both been wonderful occasions, my absolute favourite parts of the presentations are when William and Kate look at each other – I’ve always loved their relationship and know personally how having a child with someone absolutely changes the way you see and the way you love your partner. Their love seems stronger than ever when they’re looking at each other while presenting their children to the world!

  24. Rebekah Papé

    I loved the little wave Prince George gave when first introduced to the world. I’m expecting my first child in September, a boy, and have admired this blanket since seeing Prince George wrapped in it.

  25. Christine Diaz

    This is a stunning and timeless piece. I loved when George emerged in his shawl, and I love Charlotte’s shawl equally.

  26. Sarah T.

    My favorite moment was when Kate’s eyes nearly filled with tears when they presented George to the world. You could tell she was touched by both her new responsibility and by the world’s excitement.

  27. Kimberly Rampersad

    Kate is so timelessly beautiful, I love how put together she is in both baby presentations. I am so thankful to be around for both.

  28. Michelle B

    I have loved these beautiful blankets form the moment I saw Georgie’s-so delicate and sweet and perfect for a babe in a warm climate like mine. Thank you for this giveaway!

  29. Toni

    Even though I was very excited about seeing the new princess, I think I was almost more excited to see Prince George when he was brought to the hospital to visit his new sister. The interactions between he and his dad were precious!

  30. Becca

    I love this blanket!! I immediately pinned it for when I had a child….and I just found out I’m pregnant!! I would love to win it for our first baby :)

  31. Ames

    Seeing Prince George go to see his new sister was my favourite moment here. He was so adorable waving to the crowd. I hope my nephews are just as excited when they go to see their new sisters / brothers. My twin brothers are about to have their second children (both are due in a month).

  32. Lauren

    I had my first daughter (named Kate!) just 2 days after Princess Charlotte was born (I had been hoping they’d share a birthday, but it seems both arrived late!). I love this blanket as well as the one Prince George had when he was born, and I’d love to win it for my own little “Princess Kate.”

  33. Melanie

    Ohhh I have literally never seen a more beautiful baby blanket! I ADORE this & LOVE that it was made from the same company as daddy’s blanket. Thank you so much for the super sweet chance! xx

  34. She could have not chosen a better blanket to share the birth’s of Prince George and now Princess Charlotte, it is so very regal and royal and yet chic simplicity. It has Kate’s taste written all over it, it is just as regal and chic is she. So glad they had their little girl, prince Charles also can now experience the upbringing of this little girl of which he has longed for. And I think it fair that the family go to Anmer Hall to get really acquainted with Princess Charlotte, although selfishly I would never tire of photos of all of them. But William being the second in line he knows better than anyone what is in store for his family when he is first inline and then King. Now is the time for him to raise his family as he sees fit.I love your blogs I check them daily for updates. Thanks for all the good reporting.

  35. Megan

    I loved how happy Kate looked. She’s always lovely, but both times she’s left the Lindo Wing, she’s absolutely glowed. The beautiful blankets were the icing on the (baby joy) cake.

  36. Y Davies

    My favourite bit of the day was seeing kate and Williams glances at each other. So full of love and Happiness!

  37. M

    I love this blanket! This will be perfect for when my sister-in-law has her baby.
    The moment I loved most was when Prince William brought Prince George to meet his new sister. His little way was everything! <3
    Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  38. Nina

    The blanket is just so delicate and beautiful. While I am done having babies it would be so lovely to be able to give such a blanket to one of my three children for their firstborn child…..and second ….and third???? Rather looking forward to being called ‘Granny’. Well maybe ‘FabGranny’ . LOL.
    Thanks for the giveaway Jane ☺

  39. A. from Paris

    Wow Jane thanks for the give away! I love this blanket and would give it for my cousin’s cute little Charlotte born last December!

  40. Julia Park

    My favorite part was when Kare turned to Will and said, “She’s sleeping” with Princess Charlottle. Such a sweet moment.

  41. Lois Tornquist

    What a wonderful giveaway! This would make a beautiful heirloom to pass down and just in time for our newest grandson and our son’s first child.

  42. Emily C

    Loved seeing the princess with her bonnet and watching the family load up and depart for home. Can’t beat Prince George’s appearance too!

  43. Megan

    A lovely choice of blanket perfect for any gender. Very excited for this opportunity. And truly loving Kate’s Clothes, and all your insights on both blogs, Jane!

  44. Grace

    I love the name. They choice is a nod to so many people and it’s especially nice to have her named after her own mom. Very special.

  45. Shan

    Ooh I would love to win this blanket for myself (is that selfish?) – to be used for the baby I am currently pregnant with!

  46. Laura

    I loved how when they presented Prince George Kate wore a polka dot dress similar to Diana’s. It was a touching way to include her.

  47. I loved seeing Will and Kate together. I loved how Will helped his wife up and down the stairs by holding her hand and putting his hand on her back. We don’t often get to see that!

  48. Christine

    Such a lovely presentation blanket! I still can’t believe that Kate was able to leave the hospital just hours after giving birth to present her new baby to the world! I hope that puts some of her she-doesn’t-work-hard-enough nay-sayers at bay. Any woman who can do that is clearly quite a hard worker! Kudos to beautiful Kate and congrats to the Cambridges!

  49. My absolute favorite part of the Royal Baby presentation was seeing the two parents shine and beam with love and proud feelings. Seeing history repeat itself in new ways, So beautiful to carry on the tradition of the baby blanket company on the now traditional Lindo Wing steps. Thank you for this giveaway opportunity :) xx

  50. Kayla

    I have been especially keen to see how the new princess was presented as I just found out I am expecting and am only 8 weeks along (with twins!) Kate has always been an inspiration, obviously with clothing but mostly with her sense of responsibility and calm persona. I would be thrilled to have a blanket like this.

    My favorite part of watching the introduction live was seeing how protective she was of Charlotte. Even before the ‘official’ lip reading comments came back it was clear that she was worried about her little daughter being cold and over-exposed. I’ll admit. I cried. :)

  51. Sophie

    This is a very special give away Jayne, many thanks.
    I’ve been a fan of from Berkshire to Buckingham and I admit I haven’t had the time to browse Kate’s Clothes one too much at present but signing up for the newsletter will definitely help to keep in touch.
    I so loved the thrill out of Charlotte’s birth again. But I cherish the memories of George’s birth and all the time we were able to (virtually) spend with Kate, Will and BG as they really took a lot of time out of the Lindo wing, talking to the media. Kate almost shed tears as she stepped out of the Lindo Wing… That was really magical…
    This time was a much more “mature” and confident approach I thought… But it was again thrilling to see Kate, Will coming out with Baby Charlotte… A blissful moment for sure…especially because at the time we were losing a close member of our family (she passed away the following day).and it was all the more comforting in many ways…
    I hope I can win the Royal Baby Blanket as we have been trying for so many years now to be blessed with a bundle of joy … Maybe it will be a lucky Blanket…
    Anyway, thanks Jayne for the wonderful work you share with us…

  52. samantha

    Oh, I’d love to win this! What a pretty little blanket for a hopefully sooner than later baby over here.
    I love their love! I absolutely adore the way that William looks at Catherine, and she looks at him, and the way that they both look at their babies. You can see their unconditiona love, and that is what family is all about. Even as such a young family you can tell how strong they are.
    Anytime I see pictures of Catherine and William together, smiling to eachother I make a note to always remember to show my husband how much he means to me. My most favorite image from them with Charlotte; William is carrying the carseat and he’s reaching for Catherine’s hand. They’re both smiling and you can just feel the love and respect, and how they would protect and fight for eachother. It’s a love for the ages :)

  53. Leslie B

    I loved it when Kate and William came out. Kate seemed so much more comfortable with holding the baby the second time around. She’s a pro!

  54. Amy

    My favorite moment was seeing William and Kate being first and foremost parents looking after their little girl. They made sure she was comfortable.

  55. Jenn

    Excellent Blog! I loved seeing George arrive to meet his baby sister! Also Princess Chatlotte’s Bonnet was just adorable!

  56. Charlotte

    I adore this delicate looking blanket. I love the fact that the family have used the same manufacturer for generations. Proven indeed to be a family heirloom.

  57. What a beautiful blanket. Very regal. I loved seeing William and George outside the Lindo Wing before going in to see Charlotte. I thought their matching outfits were so cute. Plus George waving to the crowd was ADORABLE!!

  58. Emily

    What a sweet moment it was to see both the little Prince and Princess wrapped up in this delicious little blanket! I especially loved Georgie’s first little wave. He was born on the best possible day – my little royal birthday buddy :)

  59. Nancy Vance

    Two weeks ago today we finally were able to see the beautiful Princess Charlotte on the steps of the Lindo Wing. That was such an exciting day and I would love to have this blanket for one of my daughters to use when they have their first baby. Here’s hoping!

    Nancy in alabama

  60. Kristin

    Gorgeous blanket! I can still remember the chills I got when Kate and William stepped out of the hospital with their newborn babies! I still can’t believe they have two children now! Seems like yesterday I was waking up at 3AM to watch them get married!

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