New ID: Suede Ribbon Clutch

Ribbon Clutch ID’d

Some IDs are more exciting than others, but when an item is as prominent as today’s ID, and has been a UFO for so long, it is particularly interesting to finally get the background!  In black suede, the ribbon clutch has maintained its popularity in Kate’s closet over the years. The Duchess carried it before her marriage, prominently to the wedding of Harry and Rosie Meade, just before her own engagement was announced:

kates clothes rosie meade wedding

It remained a favorite throughout 2012 and 2013. She chose it on her first solo engagement, when she appeared at The National Portrait Gallery in February of 2012:


kates clothes jesire

It stood out with particular definition against the white of her Goat coat in March of 2013 on a visit to a hospice:

The Duke and Duchess Of Cambridge visit The Child Bereavement Centre in High Wycombe

The clutch hasn’t been seen recently, but given how long Kate has owned it and returned to it, it is likely the piece will be used again. Today, the suede ribbon clutch has been ID’d as Mascaró! Brittany of the Facebook page Repli-Kate It found the same clutch from Mascaró in a bright pink. It dates from 2005, which matches the many years Kate has owned her black copy.  Although the company has neither confirmed nor denied, the similarities are close enough to ID with almost complete confidence.

mascaro pink suede clutch

via Repli-Kate It Facebook

Mascaró is a family business, founded in 1918 on the island of Menorca in the Mediterranean Sea. They began as a shoe company, but have expanded to accessories, as well.

Mascaró still makes shoes in the same place where the company was founded in 1918, now with the third generation of the family running the business.
Everything is made with loving care by craftsmen, many of whom are sons, daughters and granddaughters of the original workers. Only the finest Italian and Spanish leathers are used and great attention is paid to fit, style comfort and quality.


This is not the only Mascaró Kate owns. Her beautiful aubergine pumps are by the label:

kates clothes wedding libelula

On her first Christmas appearance at Sandringham, Kate trusted Mascaró to make her bespoke heels:

Christmas Day service Sandringham Additionally, she owns the velvet bow clutch by Pretty Ballerinas. Pretty Ballerinas is one of Mascaró’s companies, and creates luxury ballet flats and and accessories.

kates clothes sun millies 1

If Mascaró comments on the piece, this post will be updated, but given Kate’s other items from Mascaró, and the identical pink clutch, this seems a rock solid match. Many thanks to Ashley who alerted me that the ID had been made!

Menorca photo credit: Canon on Flickr

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  1. Katherine

    Have so coveted the suede aubergine pumps and clutch from day one! Thanks for this, Jane. Do LOVE the new site. Katherine USA

    1. Jane Barr

      Oh yes! I absolutely love those shoes. They stick in my memory and I am always looking for decent repliKates…unsuccessfully. :)

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