Clutches Kate Should Carry

Clutches Kate Should Carry

We are pleased to run guest contributor Laura’s post on clutches Kate should carry on tour. Laura blogs at Solid Moonlight and you can view her complete profile at the end of this post.  

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As all of you know, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge – aka Prince William and Kate Middleton – will be undertaking a tour of India and Bhutan April 10-16. This is an event that fans of the royal couple have been looking forward to for months and even though I start jury duty on the 11th, I will be following the tour closely – even if it means sacrificing sleep.

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One of the big questions asked when a tour for the Cambridge’s is announced is “What will Kate wear?” We begin looking at designers from the host country as well as outfits already in the royal closet. Rather than look at what Kate might wear, I am going to look at what she might carry.

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Kate is the queen of clutches. She owns quite a few, to put it mildly, and often uses them to help her switch up her look. Kate’s clutches are usually simple in style and stick to classic colors: black, navy, taupe, or white. I think it would be fun to see Kate dress up some light colored outfits with a bright clutch for a pop of color. Here are some clutches that have caught my eye:

Makaha Palm clutch by KAYU from the Pre-Fall 2015 collection.

Makaha Palm clutch by KAYU from the Pre-Fall 2015 collection.

While not an Indian designer, KAYU is still a Southeast Asia brand. The clutch is sold out.

Growing up in Southeast Asia, founder Jamie Lim learned the art of artisanal crafts firsthand. Her inspiration for Cali-based Kayu, was to foster these traditional techniques, working with local craftsman in Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia to make uniquely special bags with a rich history.

The site also offers clothing, including a couple items that would look great on Kate on any occasion, like the Esme Cotton Silk Sheer Floral Blouse, the Spencer Vladimir Violette Silk Knit Dress, and the Vivetta Sabina Skater dress.


mcqueen pearl clutch

The above Alexander McQueen Metal Floral and Pearl Clutch from the 2013 Fall/Winter collection would be perfect for the glittering reception in Mumbai on Monday evening.

mcqueen floral

This McQueen butterfly clutch is very pretty and Asian-looking:

This Caroline Issa for LK Bennett embroidered clutch would bring a great pop of color to a white dress!

lk bennett clutch
As would this pink and green Kotur clutch from Spring 2015.

Are there any clutches YOU would like to see Kate carry?



Kate's Clothes Contributor photoMy name is Laura and I am a Kate fan from North Carolina. Kate first caught my attention with her fun fascinators, coat dresses, and Sledge heels and I’ve been a goner for her style ever since! I love keeping an eye out for fashion that has a “Kate” look to it and learning about the countries she visits as well as children’s mental health.

When I’m not looking a Jane’s blog or browsing Kate’s Clothes, I’m watching and writing about classic movies, reading mysteries, and coming up with fun history projects for my fourth grade class.

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